How to Make a Monogram Logo Design in Photoshop

A Monogram Logo Example

Hi everyone, within this post, I will explain what you will learn from watching the embedded video tutorial below. The video on how to create a simple monogram logo using one of the best free monogram fonts. You can make it easier. This video tutorial below is best for Photoshop beginners.

Even though you use a font in designing a monogram logo in Photoshop, you will also need to modify the text to make your logo unique.

Make a Monogram Logo in Photoshop

By watching the video, you will improve some basic text editing and modifications in Photoshop:

  1. Preparing an RGB document in Photoshop. Working on an RGB document in Photoshop is best if want to make a monogram logo for online media such as a website, blog or other social media sites. But in case you want to print a logo image made of an RGB color model document in Photoshop, you need to print it using a 3 base color inks printer to match the color.
  2. Rasterizing a Type. Before you start modifying your text in Photoshop, particularly in the process of designing a monogram logo using font, you need to convert the type as an image by rasterizing the type.
  3. Modifying font design. By watching the video you will also learn how you can easily modify font design in Photoshop and make the result as a monogram logo.
  4. Choosing colors for your monogram logo. A monogram logo should have a simple design and fewer colors. But choosing the right colors for your monogram logo will make your logo design more elegant, eye-catching and easy to remember.
  5. Adding business or brand name along with a tagline. Instead of only the logo design, you might also want to add some text such as your business name and tagline under your monogram logo. So, the tutorial video will show you how to adjust the text in Photoshop.

That’s all you will learn from watching the video. I hope this post very helpful, and follow this blog to get more graphic design and video editing tutorials in the future. And please support my YouTube Channel: Kepo Art Studio by giving a like and comment, and don’t forget to hit the Subscribe button as well.




Visit my YouTube channel , good for creators to improve creativity.

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Januar Sam Amberto

Januar Sam Amberto

Visit my YouTube channel , good for creators to improve creativity.

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